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Re: openssh-blacklist - careless waste of space.

----- "Conrad Meyer" <cemeyer u washington edu> wrote:

> On Thursday 30 July 2009 08:49:12 am Jan Chadima wrote:
> > Hi
> > I've just solve the problem with the openssh-blacklist package.
> > Now the packae is only the 16 kbytes. It contains the downloader.
> The data
> > are downloaded from the server on user request. Excuse me the first
> > (big)package. I hope that way will work.
> If I'm reading this correctly, this behavior is also broken. The user
> should 
> not have to be connected to the internet to use the package after
> (s)he 
> installs it.
> Another interpretation suggests that you download the data in the
> build 
> process; that won't work on Koji (and should be fixed).

Maybe I do not understand your question. Now the srpm and noarch.rpm also < 20kB. The build is normal koji build. User (or admin) run the program and then program synchronize the local database of keys to the internet one. I someone have no Internet, it is also the possibility transfer the data on CD, DVD, FLASH or else ....

> Regards,
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> Conrad Meyer <cemeyer u washington edu>
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