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Re: Package Kit messages...

On Jul 31, 2009, at 8:04 AM, Richard Hughes wrote:

2009/7/30 Nathanael D. Noblet <nathanael gnat ca>:
So I recently updated F11 and was told I needed to log off for the changes to take effect. When I click the yield type sign and select log off, I get
the dialog for shutdown, restart, hibernate, suspend... Just a small
suggestion, maybe I'm off base, but 'Log off' to me is like switch user, its a logout from X. It may be more useful to have the message state 'Restart'
than log out...

Am I off base? If I'm not, what component would I file against, simply
PackageKit ?

Well, PackageKit gets a message that a package needs a session restart
-- so if you then click the icon gnome-packagekit asks the session to
log out. In this case, gnome-session shows you the "interactive"
dialog, which isn't ideal.

But by 'log out' it really means reboot doesn't it?

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