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Re: Rawhide mock builds broken

>>>>> "JK" == Jesse Keating <jkeating redhat com> writes:

JK> Hrm, so I wonder about this.  Does exim rely on the group ownership
JK> at all for anything?  Would it make sense to have a general
JK> 'service' or 'nobody' group that these things could be tossed in if
JK> the group isn't to be used, to avoid taking dynamic GIDs on the
JK> host?

It just so happens that I actually use Exim (on mail servers, ssmtp on
everything else), and it does use group memberships for various things.
It also happens that in F-11 it also somehow got GID 93 for itself in
addition to the UID 93 that it requests.  So useradd must have changed
its behavior quite recently.

JK> Or should we say that if you are going to take a specific UID, you
JK> need to take the GID to match it?

Past behavior of useradd seems to do that automatically (or at least it

I don't think it's bad for exim to groupadd 93 first, but honestly I
don't know what happens to existing installations that may have a
different GID set up and I don't want to break anything.  I guess such
systems would be running rawhide and this is a bug fix, so....

 - J<

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