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Re: Testing libsatsolver on Fedora

On 07/31/2009 01:12 AM, James Antill wrote:
>  *sigh*, if you want to do some benchmarking of different package
> managers available in Fedora (zypp makes the 4th, if apt is working
> again) then feel free to actually do _a bunch of work_ comparing apples
> to apples. You'll almost certainly be speaking privately with developers
> from all of the tools, to make sure you aren't screwing it up. _Then_
> post the results somewhere.

Raising the bar so high on public discussion of application performance
is essentially an attempt to stifle it.  We don't make progress by
commissioning scientific studies as soon as new ideas are put forth, we
see first if they pass the smell test.

But to get to the substance of the matter, do you mean to say that it's
not possible for libsatsolver to improve the speed or correctness of
yum, or simply that people who are not currently working on yum
shouldn't participate in discussions about it? (technically speaking, I
did contribute a fix to urlgrabber to fix a problem with interrupted
downloads last year, but it wasn't accepted, so I just ran it locally)

>  If, however, you want to just post "yum is slow" feel free to not do so
> on f-d-l. Likewise with quick "benchmarks" like this (which amounts to
> the same thing, IMO).

Somehow you forgot to quote where I said yum was doing more work and it
downloaded twice as fast.  It sounds like you're trying to project
unrelated anti-yum sentiment onto my simple report of positive progress
on Michael's part.

Just to be clear, I'm a big fan of yum and I'd like to see it improved.
 If libsatsolver can make it faster and more correct, I don't understand
the reluctance.  So far, nobody has suggested that it's yet good enough
for any of the tasks such an integration would require.

If you know that Michael's work is an algorithmic dead-end, please just
let us know that, it would be very useful information.

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