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Re: FESCo meeting summary for 2009-07-31

On 08/01/2009 01:31 AM, Josh Boyer wrote:

> Source0: http://cvs.fedoraproject.org/lookaside/pkgs/anaconda/anaconda-
> is really no better.  

This would ridiculous. I don't think any project is going to do this.
Even if they do want to go to this extend, we don't need to grant them
special exceptions. We can recommend that the projects used a proper
project hosting facility and leave it at that. I

All you are doing is forcing people to list a URL. Also,
> if an upstream project doesn't want to host all that and wants to use the SRPM
> as the source, who is Fedora to tell them they can't?

It is a random upstream project but one developed within Fedora and
Fedora can and should tell them not to do so. Why shouldn't we? Again
they don't need or deserve special exceptions. Treat them like any other
upstream project. That is all I ask.


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