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Re: RPM Soft dependencies (Was: Re: Agenda for the 2009-05-26 Packaging Committee meeting)

On Monday 01 June 2009 16:59:40 Seth Vidal wrote:
> if you run:
> yum install foo-app
> and it drags in:
> bar-app
> and
> foo-lib
> Then you've not explicitly chosen to install bar-app.
> With the availability of the yumdb information we should be able to make 
> remove-with-leaves know more about the intent.

Why not store a for every pkg how it got installed, as 
a direct human request or as a dependency?

I maintain such list manually and when reinstall my machine, 
use that as an argument list to the yum to get the needed apps
back into system. It's never perfect but close enough to be

Another way to housekeep a system could be the stat's output
and Access time, but i guess some prelinker or something 
else kills that brilliant idea.


Better to have one, and not need it, than to need one and not have it.

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