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Re: Announcing Fedora Activity Day - Fedora Development Cycle 2009

Matt Domsch wrote:
On Mon, Jun 01, 2009 at 04:03:04PM -0400, Paul W. Frields wrote:
I'm getting out of my ken here, but could this be done in stages with
I2 connected hosts getting the bits early/first and then moving on to

We need to move ~130GB to each of ~230 mirrors, in about 4

We already have in place a limited amount of "tiering".  The Tier 0/1
mirrors get the bits first, then downstream mirrors pull from them.
We have nearly all our "Tier 1" mirrors on I2 (all but the
us.kernel.org).  Right now it's not mandatory, but no "new" mirrors
(those signed up in the last 18 months or so) have been granted ACL
permissions to download from the masters.


One of my hopes for the F12 cycle is that we will have increased use
of tiering and push mirroring.

What about dropping hierarchical mirroring altogether? Why hasn't someone developed a distributed (i.e. bittorrent-like) system for mass mirroring? :-)

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