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Re: Maintainer Responsibilities

> Hello,
> I don't want to start a long thread, but just to ask a couple questions for
> my own clarification. Does a maintainer's responsibilities end with
> packaging bugs? IOW, if there is a problem in the package that is _broken
> code_ do they need to do something about it or is it acceptable for them to
> close the bug and say talk to upstream? Do we want those bugs open to track
> when the bug is fixed in the distro? I'll accept whatever the answer is,
> I'm just curious.
> Thanks,
> -Steve

This is from the official Bugzappers page  


The bug is not a packaging bug, the package maintainer has no plans to work on 
this in the near future, and there is an upstream bug tracking system other 
than the Red Hat Bugzilla.

    Thank you for the bug report. At the moment, the Fedora developers are 
busy fixing other issues and may not have time to work on this one. The best 
way to make sure your problem will get looked on is to report it to the 
authors of the program. Most upstream authors use a bug tracking system like 
Bugzilla, and more people who know the code will be looking at the bug report 

    The upstream bug tracking system to use is: 

    You are requested to add the bugzilla link here for tracking purposes. 
Please make sure the bug isn't already in the upstream bug tracker before 
filing it. 


Maintainers should be free to either fix it locally (time permitting) and 
upstream the patch or request that the bug be filed at the upstream projects 
tracker for the upstream developers to resolve it.

If it is sent upstream the bug is closed as UPSTREAM and our local report is 
cross-referenced to the upstream one.  That way the maintainer and all 
interested parties can follow its progress.


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