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Re: Fedora 11 Test Day survey

On Wed, Jun 3, 2009 at 9:10 AM, James Laska <jlaska redhat com> wrote:

The Fedora QA team would like your feedback on Fedora 11 Test Days.  You
may have seen Adam Williamson's planet post [1] kicking off Fedora 12
Test Day planning.  We're interested in identifying areas for
improvement to increase participation and improve effectiveness.

Please take 10-15 minutes to answer any/all of the questions below.  You
may reply to the mailing list, or send feedback directly to me.  Your
responses to this survey are instrumental in making Fedora 12 Test Days

Many thanks to Chris Ward for his help in getting things moving with the
survey questions!


1. How did you find out about Fedora Test Days?

2. Was sufficient documentation available to help you participate in a
Fedora Test Day?  If not, what did you find missing or in need of

3. Did you encounter any obstacles preventing participation in Fedora
test Days?  How might they have been avoided?  Did you discover any

4. Were you able to locate and download installation media for testing?
Did it function as expected?

5. What follow-up actions do you expect after the Test Day?  Are your
expectations currently being met?

6. Would you participate again in future Fedora Test Days?

7. Do you have any more general comments or any suggestions for
improving future test days?



[1] http://www.happyassassin.net/2009/06/02/whats-goin-on-f12-test-days/

fedora-devel-list mailing list
fedora-devel-list redhat com

I'll answer these in order.

1. I got lucky when I looked in the mailing list.

2. Yes there was good enough docs for the test days to help me participate.

3. My biggest obstacle with test days was that they were not planned early enough. Most of the test days seemed to be planned less than 48 hours ahead of time. If test days were planned better, I could actually participate more.

4. Yes, I was able to download them. No, the media didn't work. It generally hung the computer, but that's not the fault of the test days.

5. I would expect a recap of the testing efforts so that Fedora people could analyze what the issues were, track them, and fix them. I suppose they are. The mailing list enabled them to do this, but there was no formal method of doing it.

6. If they were planned better, then maybe I would be able to set aside time to do them. I would like to participate in future Test Days.

7. Set up a reporting center just for Test Day feedback. Using the wiki is definitely not good enough. Additionally, Do not limit the test days to people subscribed to the mailing list. Take a page from Mozilla's books and announce those test days to the world. Unfortunately, to do that, test days need to be planned better.

Hopefully this feedback helps :) 

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