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Re: Fedora 11 Test Day survey

On Wed, Jun 03, 2009 at 10:10:26 -0400,
  James Laska <jlaska redhat com> wrote:
> 1. How did you find out about Fedora Test Days?  

Mostly I saw them in the mailing lists first, but saw reminders in FWN.

> 2. Was sufficient documentation available to help you participate in a
> Fedora Test Day?  If not, what did you find missing or in need of
> improvement?

For the ones I participated in (storage and radeon) things seemed fine.

> 3. Did you encounter any obstacles preventing participation in Fedora
> test Days?  How might they have been avoided?  Did you discover any
> workaround?

Some related to being pretty busy on Thursdays. For one off tests I don't
see Fedora doing anything about that, but if you do repeats on the same
test later it is probably worth thinking about if it would be better to
keep the followup on the same day of the week to make it more likely that
people who participated in the earlier session can participate in the
followup or if making it a different day of the week to make it more likely
that some people who couldn't participate in the earlier session because
of a conflict would be able to participate in the followup.

> 4. Were you able to locate and download installation media for testing?
> Did it function as expected?

I have a local rawhide mirror allowed me to have up to date images for

> 5. What follow-up actions do you expect after the Test Day?  Are your
> expectations currently being met?

The storage test day ended up with some bugs getting filed and fixed.
The radeon day, not so much.

> 6. Would you participate again in future Fedora Test Days?

Yes. Encryption over raid get's messed up fairly often and actively
participating seems to help in getting the issues fixed.
Even though the radeon stuff didn't work out that great this time, I'd
participate again. I think the stuff I am having issues with is low
priority right now, but might get more attention in the future.

> 7. Do you have any more general comments or any suggestions for
> improving future test days?

Start them earlier in the process. In particular I think this would have
been advantageous for the anaconda storage rewrite.

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