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(Most) Results from the Candidate Questionnaire are available now


As you might remember, we collected a list of questions that a few days
ago were sent to the Candidates of the next Fedora Board/FESCo
Elections(¹). I got most answers back in between (dgilmore should follow
soon; no response from ianweller yet, who seems to be traveling or
something according to his IRC away message) and published them in two ways:

* as Plain Text:

* as an OpenOffice table, which IMHO allows easier comparison of the
different answers:

I had planed to put them in the wiki as a table was well, but ran out of
time, sorry (²).

The answers are quite interesting and as far as I can see can be quite
helpful to decide whom to (not) vote for. So if you plan to vote in the
elections I'd suggest you go and read the answers!


(¹) For details see

(²) Actually the whole "Candidate Questionnaire" process
was a bit bumpy, but I think we learned a lot and I guess it will be a
lot smoother next time if we want to do it again during the next elections

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