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Re: Fedora 11 Test Day survey

James Laska wrote:
> 1. How did you find out about Fedora Test Days?


> 2. Was sufficient documentation available to help you participate in a
> Fedora Test Day?  If not, what did you find missing or in need of
> improvement?

The instructions were sufficient.

> 3. Did you encounter any obstacles preventing participation in Fedora
> test Days?  How might they have been avoided?  Did you discover any
> workaround?

I found out about the Intel graphics test day too late to be able to 
participate on the right day. I first had to create a FAS account as I hadn't 
yet taken all the steps to become a packager. I got side-tracked by an 
incorrect error message in FAS and had some problems before I could report 
that. Then I had to create a Smolt profile. SmoltGUI crashed but I could work 
around the crash by changing the locale. Smolt using two kinds of UUIDs 
caused some confusion. I could eventually go through the test cases for Intel 
graphics a week after the actual test day.

See also the next question:

> 4. Were you able to locate and download installation media for testing?
> Did it function as expected?

Live CD images were linked from the wiki pages. I had no problems downloading 
them. I eventually managed to make a working live USB stick from the one for 
the Intel test day, after I transferred it to my work computer where I had 
Fedora 10 and could install the latest Syslinux from Rawhide. It wasn't 
possible to do this on Fedora 9.

The live USB stick I made from the CD image for the Nvidia test day was more 
dead than live. It wouldn't boot, so I couldn't participate in that test day.

> 5. What follow-up actions do you expect after the Test Day?  Are your
> expectations currently being met?

I expected that someone would attempt to fix the bugs I reported. No such 
attempts have been mentioned in Bugzilla so far. I suppose I'll se whether 
they've been fixed when I upgrade to Fedora 11.

Perhaps there would have been more interest in my reports if I had submitted 
them during the actual test day.

> 6. Would you participate again in future Fedora Test Days?

If they cover some functionality that's particularly important to me or some 
less than common hardware that I have.

Björn Persson

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