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Re: Maintainer Responsibilities

Juha Tuomala wrote:
> I agree. Demanding them to take any responsibility
> on that report, even testing it again makes them just
> think twice next time to report anything.
> Exactly. If the reporter wants to take part to that
> communication, good. But that should not expected.
> More reports is better than more active reporters, those
> latter ones wont disapper anywhere anyway.

The reporter is the one who wants the bug fixed, it's them asking us to do
something, they need to do their part. If you aren't willing to do anything
to help us fix your bug, you'll just have to live with it forever.

Reports aren't of much use if the reporter doesn't want to provide us with
the necessary details, doesn't even bother checking whether the bug isn't
already fixed when asked (If we can't reproduce the issue, how else are we
to know whether it's fixed or whether we just don't have enough information
on how to reproduce it?) and/or refuses to report the issue to the people
who're actually able to fix it.

        Kevin Kofler

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