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Re: Maintainer Responsibilities

Ralf Corsepius wrote:
> I stopped reporting bugs against Fedora's evolution, because its @RH
> maintainer preferred to close bugs and tried to push me around to
> upstream. Wrt. evolution, I was an ordinary user and am not interested
> in getting further involved.

Signing up for an upstream Bugzilla account takes at most 5 minutes, then
it's just as easy to file bugs there than at bugzilla.redhat.com. Bugs need
to be fixed upstream (so everyone benefits, not just Fedora users), by
upstream developers (not packagers, and no, not all packagers are
developers, and even those who are generally aren't experts for the entire
codebase they're packaging, so upstream developers are the people most
qualified for fixing most bugs), so they should also be filed upstream.

> There are other packages and packagers (noteworthy many of the @RH) who
> exhibit the same "push reporters around" behavior.

That's because that's our policy, and rightfully so.

> Now combine this with the "report bugs" phrases certain people tend to
> reiterate? ... Experiences, such as the one I encountered with the
> evolution maintainer, are the cause why at least some people sense a
> foul taste when listening to them.

Then let's say: Report bugs, to the right place of course (usually

        Kevin Kofler

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