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Re: Maintainer Responsibilities

Steve Grubb wrote:
> And then should the bug be closed hoping that one day you pull in a
> package that solves the user's problem?

If the bug is fixed upstream, the Fedora report can be reopened with a
request to backport the fix (but that should only be done if it's important
enough that it cannot wait for the next bugfix update getting pushed

Until then, why do we need to have the bug open in 2 places? The ball is in
upstream's court as long as we're waiting for them to fix the issue, we've
done our part as packagers, so as far as we're concerned the issue is
closed. As for those cases where the upstream maintainer is the same as the
Fedora maintainer, in those cases the maintainer will still have an open
bug, the upstream one, he/she doesn't need 2 of them either.

        Kevin Kofler

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