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Re: Maintainer Responsibilities

Either bugzilla.redhat.com works as the center bugzilla for all
components in Fedora
and those maintaining or are responsible for these components for being
in Fedora
work as the liaison between the reporter and upstream...


We redirect reporters directly from the beginning to upstream bugzilla.

The former benefits the reporters.

The latter benefits ( some ) maintainers?.

>From a reporters perspective I say I would rather want to have a single
central point
to report to that contains all the components the distro includes and
thus being more
productive in reporting rather then having to surf the waves of the
internet and create
bugzilla account for each and every component.

An conciousness needs to be established on either the former or the latter
which will then be followed by all maintainers so the needed work to
support/enhance either one can take place.

And what's up with the twisted mentality that some maintainers have,
which is looking
at reporters reports bug as being "complaining" when they are actually
trying to help?



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