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Re: Maintainer Responsibilities

Steven M. Parrish wrote:

Many people have mentioned that it is not right to ask the users to file their bug reports upstream. I ask why not?

Let me summarize what I already wrote elsewhere in this thread:
* Users aren't necessarily developers.
* Users aren't necessarily interested in getting involved upstream.
* Users are reporting bugs against your product (your package in Fedora), not against upstream's work (somebody else's product).

Let me try an analogy: How do you handle defects/malfunctions with your car?

You'll visit your car dealer/a garage and report the issue to them. You'll expect them to identify the problem and to take appropriate steps to solve your issue. You don't expect them to direct you to the car's manufacturer or a component manufacturer and to discuss technical details you have no knowledge about with them ("Is the stuttering engine cause by triac 7 in a component A you haven't heard about before" or by the hall sensor in component B you also haven't heard about before).

Obviously by reporting the issue to us they feel it is important and needs to be addressed. The took the time to open a RH bugzilla account to file the report, so I don't see why they can't take 60 seconds and open an upstream account as well.
Here, my answer is: They are using Fedora/participating in Fedora and therefore have RH bugzilla account. They are not participating in these upstream projects.


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