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Re: Maintainer Responsibilities

Kevin Kofler wrote:
Steve Grubb wrote:
Not if its closed. How would I be notified that the fix is in Fedora? If
the bug is severe enough, shouldn't the upstream commit be applied to
Fedora's package and the package pushed out for testing? Is all this going
to happen if the bug is closed?

You're supposed to be the reporter of or CCed on the upstream bug, then
you'll get notified of the fix and can reopen our bug asking for a backport
of the fix if it's really that important (but keep in mind that Fedora
packages often get upgraded to a bugfix release anyway, for example our KDE
gets upgraded to a bugfix release about once a month).
You are still presuming your users to be interested in developing and working on your package.

This simply does not apply - They want to use your package.

As maintainers, we will also try to CC ourselves on those upstream bugs to
track their status, but utilimately it's the reporter who cares the most
about seeing his/her bug fixed.
I could not disagree more. People with this kind of attude should lable themselves maintainer and stop packaging packages in Fedora.


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