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Re: Maintainer Responsibilities

On Jueves 04 Junio 2009 08:59:23 Ralf Corsepius escribió:
> Kevin Kofler wrote:
> > Steve Grubb wrote:
> >> Not if its closed. How would I be notified that the fix is in Fedora? If
> >> the bug is severe enough, shouldn't the upstream commit be applied to
> >> Fedora's package and the package pushed out for testing? Is all this
> >> going to happen if the bug is closed?
> >
> > You're supposed to be the reporter of or CCed on the upstream bug, then
> > you'll get notified of the fix and can reopen our bug asking for a
> > backport of the fix if it's really that important (but keep in mind that
> > Fedora packages often get upgraded to a bugfix release anyway, for
> > example our KDE gets upgraded to a bugfix release about once a month).
> You are still presuming your users to be interested in developing and
> working on your package.

Yes and no - most of our bugs come from well known contributors - it's safe to 
them to say - please, report it upstream. They just ask as - is it downstream 
or upstream issue? Are you aware of this issue? If we know/we can see that 
bugreporter is ordinary user, we're trying to help him report this issue or we 
simply do it. It's not - upstream, close, shut your mouth, don't bother us!

My final conclussion - there are power users, there are ordinary users, some 
of them of better knowledge, some worst - and we should help them, guide them 
- it's our work and we have to take care about them individually... There 
can't be one policy to match all cases...
> This simply does not apply - They want to use your package.
> > As maintainers, we will also try to CC ourselves on those upstream bugs
> > to track their status, but utilimately it's the reporter who cares the
> > most about seeing his/her bug fixed.
> I could not disagree more. People with this kind of attude should lable
> themselves maintainer and stop packaging packages in Fedora.

You can ask our users if they are satisfied or not. From comments and posts I 
think they ARE! Check our fedora-kde list, IRC channel #fedora-kde as most of 
bugs are solved there even before they hit BZ...

> Ralf

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