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Re: Maintainer Responsibilities

On Wed, 2009-06-03 at 15:46 +0200, Ralf Corsepius wrote:
> Or less abstract:
> I stopped reporting bugs against Fedora's evolution, because its @RH 
> maintainer preferred to close bugs and tried to push me around to 
> upstream. Wrt. evolution, I was an ordinary user and am not interested 
> in getting further involved.
+1 (Though not related to evolution, mbarnes has been great to me)

I would like to report bugs that I happen to stumble over even when I
dont need it fixed or dont even need the package. I want to report that
the bug is there and provide the details that I can, so that fedora
knows that the bug exists. I dont want to go around chasing developers
upstream if I dont really care about the bug/package.

However, on a few instances I have been met with a negative attitude
stating that "You MUST report this " (...to upstream). This has
stopped me from sending bug reports to fedora unless I really do need
the bug fixed or actually use the package.

The program in this particular case was one I was just testing out of
curiosity (one of several). I found a bug and reported it. I dont have
time to chase every bug upstream. This was a close-to-f11-rawhide
version. It did get "CLOSED UPSTREAM".

I dont want to go personal on this because I know this is a matter of
opinion and several other maintainers are also following this routine,
so I wont post the bug number here. However any sufficiently interested
parties would have no problem searching through my reported bugs to find
it. (The others would however be harder since they were posted from a
different email address)

I do hope this gets changed, because I believe it is valuable to fedora
to know what bugs do exist, especially when about to release a new

  Hans K. Rosbach

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