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Re: Packager = Programmer?

Rahul Sundaram wrote:
On 06/04/2009 01:13 PM, Frank Murphy (Frankly3d) wrote:
Does trying to become a packager.
Involve being currently a Developer,
as in Programming skills\certification,
whether Perl\Python\c++ etc.

Not necessarily. It's useful to understand the codebase but if you have
a active upstream responsive to bug reports, you can just take care of
the packaging aspects of it. You can always ask for help from others
within Fedora or upstream if needed.


I would content you need an ability to understand scripting languages (as spec files are really a DSL/scripting language) and an understanding of skills commonly associated with a developer:

- Source Code Control
- Source Layout
- Software Component Types (e.g. scripts, libraries, documents, etc).

however, as Rahul said, the ability to crank out the latest oCaml/Erlang/Java/C/Assembler/NameYourPoison is not required.

-- bk

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