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Re: Maintainer Responsibilities

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Till Maas wrote:

> On Wed June 3 2009, Kevin Kofler wrote:
>> And I don't think we can make bug reports any easier, the 
point is that the
>> information is required, those "complicated" forms are there 
to request the
>> information we need.
> I disagree:
> On https://bugzilla.redhat.com/enter_bug.cgi?product=Fedora 
there are around
> 29 form elements and the majority of these elements does not 
need to be used
> by the non experienced bug reporter or are not used at all.
> Absolutely required are imho: component, version, summary, 
> security sensitive bug, External Bug and sometimes 
attachments or URL (8
> elements). Rarely the platform is required, but there does 
not need to be such
> a long list of different archs for the normal user.
> There are also some elements that are not used at all: OS, 
Target Milestone,
> QA Contact, Estimated Hours and Deadline (5 elements) or not 
yet always used:
> severity and priority. Also the "Fedora Project Contributors" 
checkbox seems
> not to be used.
> The other elements are only used by experienced bug reporters 
or within the
> triage process, e.g. Assign To, CC, Alias, Whiteboard, Clone 
Of, Keywords,
> Depends on, blocks, 4 flags (12 elements).
> In conclusion, more than 66% of the form elements can be 
removed for the
> unexperienced bug reporter. Also the component selection 
process could be made
> easier, because the mapping from rpms to components could be 
> automatically after a bug reporter supplied the name of the 
rpm he had
> problems with.
> Regards
> Till

Maybe a form (like Review Request) for Simple Bug Report (or 
something) that's the default? I have the bug report page 
bookmarked in any case (the trail of links to get there from 
the front page is too much IMO; I haven't been able to get it 
below 3 or 4).

- --Ben
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