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Re: Maintainer Responsibilities

Kevin Kofler wrote:
Ralf Corsepius wrote:
Me thinks, your are just being lazy and are trying to rudely push around
  Fedora's user base. "customer-friendliness" is something entirely
different from your attitude.

Fedora's "customers" aren't paying us anything,

That's the way it was\is setup.

so they can't expect to get
the equivalent of paid support. We're doing what we can to help people.

expecting unpaid volunteers to relieve the user of even the slightest chore
when he/she can easily do it him/herself and to spend his/her volunteer
time playing proxy between user and upstream is quite rude. The users are
getting something for free, it's not their right to complain about the gift
horse saying they wanted a pony instead.

But they are entitled to know the horse can walk.
Who wants a lame horse paid for or not.

However as I studied Customer Affairs, I will chime in.

People aka users, can be thick.
But paid or not, it is not the
Packagers place to tell them so.

One Disgruntled Customer\User\Person,
is bad publicity.  Especially if the Project wants
users to both *Use and test* the Offerings.

What may be worth looking into, is an expanded version
of the Anaconda reported.  Whereby if a bug happens,
a window will pop up encouraging user to report bug's.
If necessary at that point sign user up to bugzilla

Packageer\Maintainer will determine if Fedora Problem\ with Project help
if necessary.
If upstream problem, ask reporter if they are *OK*,
with bug going upstream, and have a generic helpful text ready to help them. Which could be C&P into bug comment.


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