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Re: Maintainer Responsibilities

Mary Ellen Foster wrote:
2009/6/4 Kevin Kofler <kevin kofler chello at>:
Michal Hlavinka wrote:
Yes, but how will you notice reporter needs (your) help if bug is closed
By CCing ourselves on the upstream bug when we close ours.

       Kevin Kofler

Speaking as a semi-frequent reporter of Fedora KDE bugs, I can say
that the process works pretty well for me. Of course, I'm probably
somewhat more engaged in the process than average (e.g., I maintain a
few packages myself, and I've had an account at bugs.kde.org for
years). I do occasionally wish that I didn't have to do the upstream
report myself, but I can see the reasons for it.

I'll happily raise upstream bugs myself but it irks me when maintainers close Fedora bugs with the UPSTREAM resolution without actually taking the upstream fix and bringing it into Fedora.

If I've reported a bug in Fedora bugzilla it's because the bug is present in Fedora and I'd like to see it fixed *in Fedora*. So seeing a bug closed UPSTREAM doesn't help at all if I have a real problem with a Fedora package.


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