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Re: Packager = Programmer?

> I wish I knew how to organize some optional program language specific
> skills development sessions aimed at packagers that made sense..but I
> don't.  Nothing like a cert or anything like that, but to introduce
> packagers and potential packagers to languages just as a good skills
> building exercise.

More than learning development skills for the language you package, it
would be great to introduce stuff like how software is build /

I'd love to learn how autotools, setuptools, and other equivalents for
other languages work. Not necessarily because I want to build a
project using those, but because I sometimes have a hard time figuring
out how to patch a Makefile in one of my packages, why I should patch
a .in or .am file,...

Actually, those would be great ideas for Fedora Classrooms I guess.


Mathieu Bridon (bochecha)

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