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Re: Maintainer Responsibilities

On Wednesday 03 June 2009 04:57:32 pm Kevin Kofler wrote:
> Steve Grubb wrote:
> > And then should the bug be closed hoping that one day you pull in a
> > package that solves the user's problem?
> If the bug is fixed upstream, the Fedora report can be reopened with a
> request to backport the fix (but that should only be done if it's important
> enough that it cannot wait for the next bugfix update getting pushed
> anyway).

When bugs are closed, they disappear from the reporter's bz frontpage. Its far 
easier to leave the bug open and close it when the fixed package gets pushed 
through bodi.

> Until then, why do we need to have the bug open in 2 places?

Yes. Many times when I am evaluating a package I look in bz to see what bugs 
are open against it as a test sniff of what its quality might be like. If the 
maintainer is closing everything as upstream bugs, I might be installing a 
steaming hot pile of awful and not knowing its got lots of problems. Also by 
closing unresolved bugs you are inviting duplicate bug reports.


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