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Re: Maintainer Responsibilities

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I think it is simple BAD to close bugreports with "upstream"!
For me as "enduser" of fedora i have one bugzilla and i really like
to help with bugreports, try things if maintainer needs better explains
what happens.

But i have no time and no energy to register on the bugzilla of every
piece of software i have installed and i can not look at bugzilla
from rsync, kde, amarok..... the whole time.

Should the enduser try patches and svn-versions?
NO he is user and that was it
If someone maintains a package he can test this much better
and understands many things the normal user never can and want to konw

I know the maintainer can't too for all BUT he get's only bugs for packages
which he maintains, he konws (or should know) the software he maintains
and normally i think he/she have a watch at upstream-bugzilla and
knows MUCH more about the upstream project as the most users

So i think the maintainer should play as "relay", taking fedora-bugreports
and in many cases report them with much more knowing about the software

If you want that the enduser report bugs upstream you get no repsonse
in many cases because the user will say "WTF i wanted to help and you
want to say me exactly how i have to help" and after this happens
trhee times he is frustrated and will never ever report bugs

As poweruser you could use many applications and find mny small bugs
in all of them - If you try to handle all of that stuff in the
upstream-project and have a fulltimejob and a family you would
egt a problem - reporting bugs on fedora-bz or lost your life
and deal with all upstream-projects you know

Forget it - I think this is maintainers work or you will lost
respnses time after time

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