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Re: Maintainer Responsibilities

Just to chime in here...

I personally try and do the following with my bugs: 

- Look over the inital report. 
- Move to ASSIGNED and ask the reporter any further info I need to try
  and figure out if it's a packaging issue or upstream or bug or
  enhancement or what. 
- If its a packaging issue, I try and fix it. 
- If it's an enhancement/difficult upstream issue/etc I ask the
  reporter: "Hey, would you like to report this upstream and see if
  they can fix it?" If they say they don't want to for whatever reason,
  I do so. If they do, I get the bug # and add myself upstream to help

I think the point is that one size doesn't fit all here. 
I don't think we can have a single policy to cover this. 

It depends on many factors, like: 

- Is upstream responsive?
- Is the reporter responsive?
- Is the bug something that the maintainer really feels should get
  fixed, even if the reporter is no longer responsive?
- Is the bug something the maintainer can't duplicate for whatever
  reason? (ie, the reporter is needed to try fixes). 

I agree it's the role for maintainers to maintain their packages and
work to help the reporters get their issues fixed. Whatever way they
feel is best to do so. 


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