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Re: Renaming language groups

Behdad Esfahbod (behdad behdad org) said: 
> Right now if I do "yum grouplist" I see something like:
>    ...
>    Portuguese Support
>    Romanian Support
>    Ruby
>    Russian Support
>    Samoan Support
>    Sanskrit Support
>    Sardinian Support
>    Serbian Support
>    Sindhi Support
>    Slovak Support
>    Slovenian Support
>    Somali Support
>    Sound and Video
>    Southern Ndebele Support
>    Southern Sotho Support
>    Spanish Support
>    ...
> May I suggest that we rename the language groups from "XXX Support" to 
> either "XXX Language" or "XXX Translations"?  That's simply more 
> informative when you don't know, say, what "Hiligaynon" is, as well as 
> enables grepping them out to see what other groups there are.

It's not just translations - there are input methods and display
fonts as well. We could change them all to "<blah> Language Support", but
that would break translations.

Of course, there's a proposal on the table to kill most of them for Fedora
12 in favor of a different infrastructure entirely.


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