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Re: Maintainer Responsibilities

Adam Williamson wrote:
> If, say, the bug is in a package that gets frequent releases, and was
> filed on the development release, you can just use CLOSED UPSTREAM,
> because you can rely on the fact that there'll be a new upstream release
> of the package soon after the upstream report is fixed, you (the
> maintainer) will then naturally package the new release, and the fix for
> the bug will have been rolled into the distribution package without you
> having to do anything besides your normal packaging work.

In fact that's what happens with KDE, bugfix releases come out once a month
in most cases (the time from the last bugfix point release to the next
feature release is a bit longer though, about 2 months upstream (blame the
folks who decided *.5 releases are not needed), plus about 2 weeks of
testing in updates-testing to prevent regressions).

You're also welcome to reopen bugs if upstream has a fix and you want us to
backport it (but please don't do this if the fixed release is coming soon
anyway and the bug is not critical).

        Kevin Kofler

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