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Re: the end of life for flash player (HTML5)

Itamar Reis Peixoto wrote:
> the end of life for flash player (HTML5)

Unfortunately, as much as I'd like that to be true, at this point it's
mostly just wishful thinking. :-( (It's good that Dailymotion is leading
the way there though. It's NOT good that they're hardcoding a browser check
for only Firefox though, the latest Arora which does support HTML 5 video
is not recognized, that's broken!)

Now we just need HTML 5 video support in Konqueror! :-) (And an entry for
Firefox 3.5 in the list of fake browser IDs for crappy sites which still
don't understand that sniffing user agents is broken!)

That said, unfortunately, I think we'll be stuck with some sites using Flash
crap for years to come. :-( Projects like Gnash and Swfdec will remain
important. I agree that people should NOT install the proprietary Flash.

> I am very happy to watch a video without macromedia flash.

FYI, YouTube works with Gnash if you have the required codecs (but embedded
YouTube videos elsewhere don't work). There's also the solution to download
the videos from most of those sites using various downloaders or
servicemenus, then watch them with any video player.

But HTML 5 with patent-free codecs is clearly the solution we should all
fight for! (But hardcoded checks for only Firefox aren't!)

        Kevin Kofler

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