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Re: Maintainer Responsibilities

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> Date: Thu, 04 Jun 2009 23:26:12 +0200
> From: Kevin Kofler <kevin kofler chello at>
> Subject: Re: Maintainer Responsibilities
> To: fedora-devel-list redhat com
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> Your misunderstanding is there: it's US maintainers that are helping YOU
> reporters by fixing your bugs. If you think you don't need our help because
> you don't care about the bug anyway, we can just close it as
> INSUFFICIENT_DATA and stop there.
>         Kevin Kofler

YOU missunderstand

You really believe a normal user ever registers at bugzilla for every piece of software he uses? The truth is the MOST
upstream-bugzillas are fu**ing ignored and/or arrogant and thats the reason why i gave up in the meantime because i have
better things to do as registering and be ignored or in the best cases i must discuss per private mail that some stupid
upstream-developer repopens a bug after understanding "oh yes this is really a bug"

Bogus? Not a problem in php when it mixes per-host-configuration?
I'm php-developer and serveradmin for long enough to be sure that this IS a bug
OK PHP6 is pre-alpha but thats not the point - how will tey get away them
They do not need help? the do not got help upstream any longer
You can be sure if a @redhat.com-address or a known maintainer reports this
it would not be closed as "bogus".
For unknown users the developers have a reflex "close as soon as possible"

Closed with "read why there in the archive" and at this time you could not comment a closed bug and you hace to mail
this crazy peopole until he understands this is a bug - sorry but if this would not be a showstopper for our whole
company if released this way i would se "leave me fuck in peace and do what you want"

I NEVER got any response from upstream bugzilla
I do not like to search older ones but if i trie to report bugs there should be any response and i got never ever any
response from firefox-bugzilla

WTF - New snapshot introduces a new problem, repoorted a year ago, a workaround is no solution and its not really funny
to get ignored in such way

does not compile after ffmpeg-upgrade from livna, livna-bugtracker told i should make a bugreport against upstream and
they ignores it since nearly a year, some other reporters got "svn has fixes" but svn-version also not compiles

Only in the last 2 years i can search a lot of such frustrating things and only the time spent for registering in the
bugzillas should be used for drink some beer to make more sense and yes it is a BIG different if a nobody or a well
known maintainer from a distribution reports something upstream

So please leave me in peace with "report upstream" and take the love for the software and help from users that way they
are able and willing to give or you lose them in many cases with no response in rh-bugzilla AND do not get the bug
reported upstream

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