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package review questions


I'm working on unofficial package review for redmine
( https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=499959 ). 
Redmine is written in ruby and is using rubygem-actionwebservice, which
is shipped with redmine. 
Rubygem-actionwebservice was abandoned by upstream like two years ago,
and same happened for fedora package. My question is if redmine package
should install it on system or it should be considered as blocker, until
upstream of redmine migrate to activeresource.

Second question is when redmine contains plugins which are separate
applications/libraries (coderay is used by redmine for example) this
applications/libraries should be shipped within this package or should
be shipped in it's own package (and package should be created when it
doesn't exists)? My thoughts are that it should be shipped separately,
so it could be used by more applications.

Thanks for help,
Jan Klepek

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