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Re: Interested in scanning?

On Friday 05 June 2009 08:56:47 Tom "spot" Callaway wrote:
> On 06/05/2009 06:23 AM, Bastien Nocera wrote:
> > Heya,
> > 
> > Yesterday, I was browsing Ubuntu's "Blueprints" for their next release,
> > and saw this:
> > https://blueprints.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/desktop-karmic-gnomescan
> > 
> > gnome-scan is already packaged by Deji, but I gather that more
> > integration work could be done to make setting up and using scanners
> > easier in GNOME and Fedora in general.
> > 
> > Any takers?
> > 
> > I think a good start would be making a list of problems seen in setting
> > up scanners (additional packages required, tweaks), and make sure that
> > gnome-scan and the necessary plugins are installed in a default
> > installation.
> Perhaps we could target some specific scanners on the first attempt? We
> might be able to get some hardware donated to the effort.
> ~spot, who has several scanners of varying age and quality in a box

nb: I have two scanners up here as well that can be utilized, they're
actually dual firewire/usb scanners that krh got when working on the
firewire stack (and I inherited when I was working on it). Of course,
last I knew, they both worked just fine using the gimp sane plugin,
so they may not be all that interesting.

(One is an Epson somethingorother, one is a Microtek, both are
reasonably nice scanners)

Jarod Wilson
jarod redhat com

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