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Re: GDM Language list...

Nicolas Mailhot wrote:
Le Ven 5 juin 2009 17:03, Ray Strode a écrit :
We only show a language in the language list if
1) It's got at least one translation in /usr/share/locale
2) it's recognized by libc as a valid utf8 locale
3) it's listed in iso-codes
4) it's got enough font converage to at least show it's own name in
the language list.

Please, the main use of the language list is to select a keyboard
layout. All the keyboard defs are installed by default. Punting a user
to qwerty just because those other bits are missing is not going to
make anyone happy.

Especially if the user password can not be typed using qwerty.

Please, it's not only locale, libc, iso-codes, fonts or input-methods, but also translated applications like openoffice, firefox, etc.
Ankit Patel

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