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Re: GDM Language list...

>> We only show a language in the language list if
>> - language-support is installed (e.g. yum groupinstall chinese-support)
> Well, there are languages we would support fine that don't have a
> specific language-support group (most anything that uses a Latin-1 like
> charset, and no specific input method.) Moreover, the groups that are
> installed aren't actually recorded anywhere on the installed system.
> (And having gdm attempt to discover/compute what groups are installed
> is completely impractical.)

How about that:
1. user chooses a language in GDM for the first time
2. PK tries to install the <language>-support group
3. if this group exist and some packages could be installed (i.e. not
already installed), the user is presented a nice PK popup, just like
the font or codec install suggestion, but for the support of his

If no packages need to be installed, then the user won't be bothered
by an obtrusive popup. We can do it only the first time as, well, if
it doesn't work the second time, then the user specifically chose not
to install them or to remove one of the required packages.


Mathieu Bridon (bochecha)

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