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Re: the end of life for flash player (HTML5)

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Kelly Miller wrote:

> Thanks to Apple, that isn't going to be happening.  Apple's 
pushing for the
> required default video codec to be the aforementioned nonfree 
> codec, and they don't seem to care whether it can be shipped 
by anybody
> else.
Nokia argued against it for patent worries. Probably worried 
that if it did get done, some patent troll would come out of 
the woodwork with some obscure patent and sue all OGG the 

Apple's biggest complaint was that hardware decoders for Theora 
were far and few between (despite there being specs for it). 
Their excuse was that H.264 has hardware implementations in 
current hardware and handhelds don't have the power to do the 
decoding in software.

I'm not aware of any other large companies that lobbied W3C to 
have no baseline instead of OGG/Theora. As much as I dislike 
and distrust Apple, it isn't just them. :(

However, I think that Firefox offering OGG/Theora everywhere 
will at least help push some of the more aware video vendors to 
offer OGG so they don't shove off one side of the Mac/Windows 
userbase with extra codec messes. I'm sure IE will just play by 
itself in the corner and Safari will play Apple's game no 
matter what happens.

- --Ben

> On Fri, Jun 5, 2009 at 5:57 AM, Jaroslav Reznik 
<jreznik redhat com> wrote:
>> In Arora I can hear only audio... So it's not OK - OGG has 
to be THE MUST -
>> basic codec supported on all platforms/browsers. I'm not 
>> proprietary
>> codecs (I don't want to use them).
>> Jaroslav
>> > Matěj
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