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OT: why aren't we campaigning against Apple/Nokia's fight against the use of OGG? (was Re: the end of life for flash player (HTML5))

On Mon, 2009-06-08 at 17:30 -0400, Gregory Maxwell wrote:
> 2009/6/8 Kelly Miller <lightsolphoenix gmail com>:
> > Thanks to Apple, that isn't going to be happening.  Apple's pushing for the
> > required default video codec to be the aforementioned nonfree MPEG4/H.264
> > codec, and they don't seem to care whether it can be shipped by anybody
> > else.
> Perhaps pedantry but for the sake of accuracy:
> Some of the patent holders in the MPEG-LA patent pool (Apple and
> Nokia) pushed hard for there to be no royalty-free baseline
> recommended in the standard. I'm not aware of anyone, Apple included,
> pushing for H.264 in the standard since the adoption of an encumbered
> format as formal formal default is simply a complete non-starter.

I'm sick of Apple and Nokia's bullcrap about OGG being encumbered and
constantly fighting against it.  I think it's a clear sign that OGG is
better and the they (Apple particularly) don't want people knowing that
they don't have to be locked into Apple's mini-monopoly.

So, after having given so much to Apple and Nokia (you can mount a very
sound argument that without OSS, Apple would be a backwater stuck with
OS9) why aren't we making noise about it being time that Apple and Nokia
give a little back.

I for one am sick of knowing we enabled them, but in a way that they
seem to feel it's fine to lock us out.


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