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FYI: ZNC IRC->Email/SMS/Twitter


If anyone here is running ZNC as an IRC bouncer for #f-d, you might be
interested in something I hacked together over the weekend:


(I'll clean it up some more when I have time). Basically, it lets you
have pings and messages matching certain patterns automatically texted,
emailed, and tweeted at you while you are detached. I like it because I
don't always want to be attached to IRC but I do always like to have a
proxy running that can log messages for me. On public IRC, I just have
it configured to email me every 5 minutes if my nick is mentioned during
that time with a transcript, and then send me a direct tweet about it.

If you don't use ZNC, see the SF project page. I'm interested in
packaging it, but admit that I would love it if someone else were
interested in sharing that.


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