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Re: the end of life for flash player (HTML5)

On Martes 09 Junio 2009 17:05:04 Kevin Kofler escribió:
> drago01 wrote:
> > Or you can simply ship provide multiple video streams and switch them
> > based on the useragent. (this is very likely to be the end result,
> > even thought it sucks).
> The user agent is the wrong way to check for support. Arora supports
> different codecs based on the platform. (It uses QtWebKit which uses Phonon
> which uses the platform's multimedia support. On Fedora, it will only
> support Ogg and other patent/royalty-free codecs out of the box, on O$ X,
> only MPEG4 and QuickTime stuff, on Window$, whatever M$ ships. Any other
> codecs have to be installed by the user.)

For me - OGG fallback is essential... There can be a list of priorities like:
1. play H264 HD HQ video
2. play LQ video
7. play OGG (the must)
and then browser can choose best suitable one or fallback to OGG. 


>         Kevin Kofler

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