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heads up: corosynclib soname change and updates plan

Hi all,

corosync/openais will soon be released as 1.0 with stable API/ABI.

At this point in time, the external library API/ABI should be stable
(unless major/critical issues will be found). The internal API/ABI (for
plugin) could still change.

This is my current update plan:

- update rawhide:
  * corosync/openais need to go in first.
  * cluster need to be updated too at the same time
    (I maintain it, so that won't be a problem).
  * lvm2/qpidc will require at least a rebuild. AFAICT
    they only use the external shared libraries to access corosync
    services so they won't be affected by internal plugin API changes.
  * asterisk should be unaffected by those changes since it uses only
    openais shared libraries and the API/ABI hasn't changed
    since F11 (maintainer CC'ed anyway.. better safe than sorry ;)).

Once we hit the 1.0 release, and propagate it properly into rawhide, my
plans are to update F11 and F10 too. The amount of critical bug fixes in
current corosync/openais versions is simply too high to be ignored for
updates (even if it will be a bit of a painful process given the number
of packages involved).

Unless there are strong objections, I'll start building
corosync/openais/cluster tomorrow. New packages and updated spec files
will be available in CVS later today (untagged).


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