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Re: GRUB 2 in Ubuntu 9.10

On 06/10/2009 10:43 AM, Christopher Brown wrote:
2009/6/10 King InuYasha<ngompa13 gmail com>:

I would like to see GRUB Legacy replaced in Fedora 12 with GRUB 2,
especially with a couple odd systems here that don't seem to like GRUB
Legacy all that much....

Actually the reverse is true, in that you will find that GRUB 2 will
support fewer machines than GRUB Legacy. This is why, as the ubuntu
page quite correctly states, "upgrading a bootloader is at best
frightening and risky".

So what is the deal with GRUB development? I find it strange that upstream already has declared the old GRUB "Legacy" even though GRUB 2 isn't ready for prime time yet. Has the patch for full ext4 support that has been mentioned before landed in upstream yet? What is the timetable to get GRUB 2 ready for primetime?


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