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Pkgdb 0.4 update scheduled for Monday

Hi all,

Assuming all goes well with an account system upgrade this week, we're
going to be updating the PackageDB to 0.4 on Monday, June 10.  An outage
notification will go out later that tells the exact times.  This is just
a note that anyone who has scripts hitting the package database for
information should check that they still work with the instance we are
running in staging:


The most notable change to the API is that usernames and group names are
now returned everywhere isntead of userids and groupids.  For the most
part, this should make scripts simpler as you no longer have to query
FAS if you just need the username.

If you encounter bugs or have any concerns, let me know via email, a
reply to this message, or on irc.freenode.net (I'm abadger1999).


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