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Re: How to enable xorg.conf in F-11


2009/6/11 Peter Lemenkov <lemenkov gmail com>
Hello All!
I've got some issues with Xogr on F-11. On order to fix (or properly
describe them in bugzilla, at least) I need to change some parameters
of Xorg, and the only way to make it (AFAIK) is to change values in
xorg.conf. Also I need to restart X as usial (ctrl+alt+backpsace)

So I have the following questions:

* How to enable traditinal ctrl+alt+backpsace behaviour ?


* How to change options for my xorg-x11-drv-ati ?
* How to dump current config from running Xorg?
* How to use config instead of relying on built-in or autodetected options?

PS I think that no need to describe, how I hate those guys, who
decided to disable ctrl+alt+backpsace.

With best regards!

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Oscar Osta Pueyo

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