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Re: Fedora LaTeX SIG?

>>>>> "JL" == Jussi Lehtola <jussilehtola fedoraproject org> writes:

JL> Hi everyone, there seems to be quite a lot of room for improvement
JL> in the current Fedora LaTeX scheme.

I will point out that there has been some discussion in this area and
plans formed, but for some bizarre reason the discussion happened on
the rel-eng list and not anywhere where most people would notice.
Look for the thread "TeX Live 2008/9 packaging and you" at

What I took away from reading (but not being able to participate in)
that discussion is that our texlive* packages are going to be split up
and that the package review team is going to have an astonishing
amount of work to do.

JL> There are a lot of useful LaTeX packages that would be nice to
JL> have on Fedora, however we don't have any LaTeX package guidelines
JL> for now.

Writing those is part of the proposed process.

JL> Also something should be done about the TeX Live packages.

Doing something about that is part of the proposed process.

JL> IMHO the TeX compiler package should be a bare minimum with
JL> everything else shipped in their own packages, this would make
JL> updating easier.

And that's what's proposed.

JL> Would anyone be interested in creating/joining a LaTeX SIG?

I don't personally care much about TeX but I have to provide a proper
TeX installation to my users, so I'll be happy to help where I can.

 - J<

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