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Re: Too eager?

Michael Schwendt wrote:
On Thu, 11 Jun 2009 09:08:00 -0500, Jon wrote:

1. yum upgrade --enablerepo=updates-testing

2. yumdownloader --repoid=updates-testing yum
   cat <<EOL | yum shell
install yum-3.2.23-3.fc11.noarch.rpm

 #1 means you'll get all the other updates from updates-testing, #2 is
more typing.
In #2 one also needs --enablerepo=updates-testing instead of --repoid=...
and one must be very careful with typos. If Yum cannot find the
packages given to it via "install", it fails badly with an interrupted
transaction and (in case of F10 => F11) an unreadible RPM DB that
needs manual repair.

Thanks for the suggestions. However the first fails as before, and the second fails due to libvte being broken, which I understand is being fixed.

For #2 you need to _disable_ updates-testing, that's why you enable
it only for yumdownloader. Due to the vte breakage you cannot enable
it permanently for the upgrade, but you also need the newer ntp* packages
from updates-testing. The release of F11 could have been much smoother
for those who upgrade via Yum. Violated upgrade paths are bad.


For #2, my attempt was with updates-testing disabled. I've tried yumdownloading the ntp and nx packages and adding lines for those, and yum shell fails the same way yum did.

in your fear, speak only peace
in your fear, seek only love

-d. bowie

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