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Re: Fedora LaTeX SIG?

Le jeudi 11 juin 2009 à 19:17 +0100, Jonathan Underwood a écrit :
> 2009/6/11 Nicolas Mailhot <nicolas mailhot laposte net>:
> > The amount of work can probably be reduced by killing the source
> > packages (we have srpms for that) and only shipping the most recent font
> > formats (TEX people like to ship the same font in 2-3 different formats,
> > that only encourages users not to convert to the latest one)
> The (La)TeX stack has varying levels of support for different font
> formats such that, at present, killing off any particular format is,
> sadly, probably not possible. The situation is evolving in the right
> direction though :).

Though in Fedora we usually optimize new tech at the expense of legacy
stragglers, and not the other way around :) If killing old font formats
can help push a new TeX stack sooner (even if it misses a few bits that
still expect legacy fonts) I'm all for it.

Nicolas Mailhot

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