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Re: Signing server? (Re: Updates testing for F-11)

Am Donnerstag, den 11.06.2009, 20:54 -0400 schrieb Josh Boyer:
> On Thu, Jun 11, 2009 at 8:39 PM, Christoph
> Wickert<christoph wickert googlemail com> wrote:
> >
> > Some updates are processed after a day, others not for two weeks.
> I'm a bit confused where your date is coming from.  2 weeks seems
> wrong lately.  In fact, since I took over the push stuff, it's
> normally done daily or as often as the composes allow.  Right now, the
> compose for f11-updates alone is 7-8 hours, so doing it daily often
> just doesn't work out.  But 2 weeks seems wrong.

OK, 12 days to be correct. You said it will not happen before the
weekend, and if it happens on Sunday, two of my requests have reached 12

> Also, signing server won't really help any of the above.
> > Especially at release time this is annoying as some of the packages I
> > submitted were bugfixes I wanted to be in the Xfce Spin. Another package
> > was renamed, if it got pushed in time this would have happend smoothly
> > between releases.
> >
> > So any chance we get a more reliable push mechanism?
> If by reliable you mean auto-pushed, maybe.  

Two options: More manpower or automatic pushes. For me it is important
that I get a time frame that I can count on.

> But that would need
> auto-sign and an agreed upon schedule for updates and code.  

IMO this is something we should discuss on this list. We need to find a
fine balance between pushing updates in time to make maintainers happy
and not too many updates for the users. Maybe something like
security/urgent updates daily, everything else once or twice a week. But
this needs further discussion.

> And right
> now, we have a number of things that cause backend failures which
> necessitates manually fixing them.
> If you'd like to volunteer to code on bodhi and fix some of these, it
> would be most welcome.  With the number of people currently working on
> it (2-3), it will be a while before we get to that point.

I will see what I can do, but currently I'm swamped with other things,
both Fedora (LinuxTag Berlin) and $dayjob. Also it will take some time
for me to get involved in infrastructure, but if possible, I'll do it.

> josh


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