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rpmconf - tool to handle rpmnew and rpmsave files

I've been tired for some time of watching rpmnew and rpmsave files. I've been looking for some tool, but did not find any, so I wrote my own.


Before I spend more times on this script, I would like to hear your opinion. Do you find it useful? Did it already exists and I miss it in my search? Do you see any bugs there?

What it does:
- run "rpmconf --help" and you will see :)
- it search all config file of all installed packages and check if file with .rpmsave or .rpmnew exists.
- It allows you to see diff of this file against current file.
- It allows you to keep current version or the other one (rpmsave or rpmnew one).
- it deletes .rpmsave and .rpmnew files which are identical to current file
- after your choice it deletes the unwanted file.

And what it does not do:
- it do not delete anything. At least until you comment out DEBUG variable on begging of script. - it does not search for *all* rpmsave and rpmnew files. It only search for installed configuration files. If package has been uninstalled and rpmsave has been left behind, then I do not care. If rpmsave or rpmnew has been created in past and now the config file is not presented in package any more, then I do not care too.

And before you comment out DEBUG variable, obvious question. Do you have backups? :)

Miroslav Suchy
Red Hat Satellite Engineering

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