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Re: unable to include capability.h

On Friday 12 June 2009 09:02:39 am Daniel Lezcano wrote:
> As I only need the CAP_SYS_BOOT, I will define it manually in the source
> code and will remove the include, that's ugly but anyway... :/

Alternately....as of today, libcap-ng is now in Fedora. It has a far simpler 
API and you should be able to do things in 2-3 lines of code. For example, if 
you wanted to use it to retain only CAP_SYS_BOOT, the code would be:


You're done. If you know you application has no children, then you would want 
to change the last line to use CAPNG_SELECT_BOTH so that the bounding set is 
cleared. libcap-ng has 1 relocation and libcap has 35, so it starts up faster. 
Its also smaller in size and has better analysis tools.

More info can be found here:

I'll be setting up a Fedora 12 project in the next few days to drop privs 


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